pinecones-on-groundThese may be two-day, three-day or five-day classes looking at specific information introduced in the core Jin Shin Jyutsu Basic/Foundation Classes.  The length and content of each class is tailored to meet the interests of the participants based on discussions with the local organiser.

Examples of some Focused Class topics:

  •       “Jin Shin Jyutsu from the Heart” – a five day focused class on the 5th Depth
  •       “no self; Now Self; KNOW SELF” – a five-day introduction to ten special flows                from Jiro Murai.
  • “Being the Jumper Cable” – Developing our touch and listening skills
  •        “Listening to Pulses – What to do with What we Hear”
  •        “Nine Months Creation in the womb”
  •        “Method Correction” – how creation expresses itself in the three fold division of            the body with a focus on the three methods correction
  • “Learning to look” – how the body’s wisdom can assist us in choosing sequences for a session
  • “Depth Focus” – A two-day exploration of one of the “Five Depths of Man” in Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • “The three-fold division of the body” – how creation expresses itself – with a special focus on Safety Energy Locks 13, 14, 15
  • “Expanding our awareness of the Special Body Function Flows” 
  • “Ways to Look at SEL Sequences” – Having FUN looking deeply at the structures and possible connections built into the sequences for Jin Shin Jyutsu “Safety Energy Locks”

Please note: Some of these focused classes are intended for those who have already attended a Jin Shin Jyutsu basic or foundation class.  Others are open to both review and new students.  Please see the schedule of classes for possible prerequisite information. 

Schedule of Classes

The above listing is a small sample of the possibilities for immersion in the material presented during the Foundation/Basic Jin Shin Jyutsu classes.

Those wishing to organize a class, please contact Carlyse to discuss other possible areas of interest.