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Each session lasts for about an hour.  You slip off your shoes, tellimg_0706 the practitioner what you want help with and lie down fully clothed on the JSJ massage table.   Your description, body’s alignment, pulses at the wrist, and the practitioner’s intuition tell a story that helps in the choosing of JSJ sequences for that session.

The session consists of holding key areas, a Jin Shin Jyutsu routine that helps the whole being while focused on your specific situation.  There is no manipulation, massage, or use of substances.  The innate harmonising power unfolds from the core of your being in perfect order.  

The experience of each session is unique to each individual.  Often it is felt as a subtle yet profound relaxation.  Or there may be a more dramatic shift or realisation around some current life-style concern.    

Amazingly, when the body is balanced and stress is relieved, then the mind and body can mend.  Resting in That, the body can rejuvenate, align and strengthen.  Limiting-tensions are replaced by a more integrated whole-body well-being.  Repeated sessions take the harmony and balance deeper and deeper.  It is a gentle, unobtrusive, and yet dynamic way of helping the body to help itself.

In the words of Mary Burmeister Jin Shin Jyutsu is the study of “Now Know Myself”.  It is complete.  It can help with all life’s issues:  physical, mental, digestive, and/or emotional.  It can facilitate the balance of our individual personal well-being with universal harmony.

Sessions can be appropriate for all ages.