The following writings were inspired by and attempt to invoke some of the mystery experienced in the “getting to know” my own energetic story.  They arise from an ongoing commitment to Self-Help and study of this Art.

lone-tree The Power of One
Looking at the meaning of the energetic area 1 and some relationships within the sequence for releasing tension in this area.

img_0454Meditation on a vibration of Four
Describing the sensations experienced in receiving the sequence for releasing Energetic Area number 13 (a vibration of 4)

depth-6th-editedMeditation on the Depths
Capturing a walking meditation followed by holding each finger in Self-Help

to-see-a-horseTo See a Horse
This was written after a wonderful two-day self-help class with animals.  The writing is an attempt to capture the essence of that specific experience.

Some of these writings have appeared in the “Main Central”, a quarterly publication of Jin Shin Jyutsu Inc.

References in the writing to Self-Help Books are to Mary Burmeister’s Self-Help Books.  References to “sequences” are to the Jin Shin Jyutsu sequences rediscovered and codified by Master Jiro Murai of Japan.