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Presented by Carlyse Smyth

2019 – APRIL 26, 27 & 28
Friday (evening), Saturday and Sunday

This two + day workshop focuses on Listening to Pulses – the rhythm of the universe.  Pulses speak to us using a very rich and diverse language.  In this class we will begin the process of hearing the language of pulses.  And we will explore the many connections, the many ways the pulses can guide us to using Jiro Murai’s Jin Shin Jyutsu sequences.

Prerequisite:  Attendance of at least one 5-day Foundation/Basic Jin Shin Jyutsu Class

Workshop fee:  $425 (early bird £395)
Note: Early booking for class and accommodation is strongly recommended. 

Venue:  JIN SHIN INSTITUTE,  165 E 82nd St (in between Lexington and 3rd), New York City 10028 USA

Map and directions available on-line

Registration: Registration will begin on Friday 26 APRIL at 4:30 pm
Class Hours:  Friday 5-7 pm; Sat & Sun* 9am to 6pm each day
* Sunday afternoon from 4pm to 6pm will be a focused look at JSJ Self-Help.  This is included in the tuition for the Pulse Listening Class.

Food: Lunch will be one and 1/2 hours.

Please Bring: Coloured pens or pencils.
Students are asked to kindly bring your textbooks and self-help books with you.

For Enrolment please contact: