Invitation to register for Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Workshop
Sunday 12 September 2021
10:00 am – 5:00 pm


An introductory day to present how to begin to use this gentle and powerful art for self-care in our own homes. The focus for the day will be Book 1 of Mary Burmeister’s three JSJ Self-Help books. (Workshop attendees receive a copy of Book 1 as part of the workshop.)  Classes for these three Self-Help Books can be taken in any order.  Each class is total and complete in itself.

This day will be a combination of lecture and practice.  Most of the day will be an engagement with the group being led through each of the four “Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF” routines from Book I.  In this way participants will have their own direct experience of the Art.

Book I – Introducing JIN SHIN JYUTSU IS.  looks at simple and powerful sequence to bring balance to MySelf.

Over the years Jin Shin Jyutsu has been a personal and powerful support for my own well-being.   The more I engage with it as part of my daily ‘look-after-myself’ routine, the calmer, more youthful, energetic and joyful I feel.

COST: £65 per person

VENUE: 8 Woodcrest Road, Purley, Surrey CR8 4JB 
Telephone number: 0208 660 8717
For Directions please call or go to google maps

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring layers so you can wrap up warm.   Attendees often find they experience temperature fluctuations during self-help routines.   For your comfort, mats to lie on, blankets, and small cushions to support your arms etc. whilst lying down will be provided.  If you have specific needs feel free to bring your own additional cushions.

There will be a one and a half hour break for lunch.  Please bring your own lunch.  Herbal teas etc. will be available during break times.

Please time your arrival from 9:30am to ensure you are settled in so the class can begin at 10am.

Carlyse Smyth – ORGANISER and Presenter
Any questions – or to confirm your booking ensuring your place – don’t hesitate to get in touch … by phone: 
0208 660 8717 or