by Carlyse Smyth

the Window admitting light and air
the Bridge between matter and spirit

For me, part of the FUN of Getting to KNOW MYSELF is through allowing my Self to fully experience a flow.  To experience it as sensation, then finding my own words to speak to those sensations, then in the fullness of time finding relationship in that personal experience with the universal.  I find this way of integrating experience into every aspect of myself pure delight.  I thought I might share with you this attempt to capture the sensations and put into words one such experience.  And as with any good puzzle, I leave the connections for each of you to explore….

Experiencing a Safety Energy Lock 13 Sequence

First, the awareness of a relaxed hand, a hand of soft strength…the hand conforming to the body, gently engaging as a listening presence at the sternum…a place of “4”…the descending of the 4th Depth where Bladder Function Energy is nourished by the Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy…. The sensation is soothing, a resting into my Self.

The other hand touches into thoracic vertebra 5 (TV 5).  Oh my!  A little laugh, I didn’t realize there was such tension there, again. A sensation of melting, heart opening, feeling the return of compassion into the cells of my being…a gentle osmosis….

The left hand releases with a “thank you” and moves to thoracic vertebra 1 (TV 1).  You know, that fascinating lump that is always changing – changing size, changing texture…. Underlying the hardness is a vertebra of immense possibilities.  Here is where the neck, home of our 6-pointed star, bridges to the torso and the beginning of the manifesting of the organ function energy, the 5-pointed star.  There is a sound from this place of  the Main Central Vertical (MCV) where left and right intermingle…a sound like wind chimes in a summer breeze, each tone clear and distinct in the seemingly random sounding.  The overall effect soothing to the mind…Ahhh…the neck relaxing; I AM heard.  “Thank you for listening.”

Awareness moves to the back of the arm – chest opening – breath expanding.  There is a deep rising from the core to softly touch the fingers there.  The rising shyly retires to the depths of being, to the core – home.  A pause – then the rising again….  Engaging right then left….

The right hand lifting way from the center of the sternum – ah – don’t go, is it time already?  The hand settling to the base of the sternum….  AHHH – such grace in the soft hand returning.  Yet here there is awareness of a mind that has a hardened quality.  The base of the sternum where the ascending 4th Depth (Kidney function energy) is nourished by the MCV….  In this ascending and descending of the 4th Depth at the sternum, can my mind let go of fear?  Can I let go of the rigid hardness so my Self can begin creation, transformation again?  There is a fullness stretching too rigid even to pulse.  A childish temper tantrum of the mind begins – a struggling to control all.  Then I hear the whispered murmur across a 4th Depth ascending bridge – “Trust.  Trust your SELF.”  Now there is movement around the center of fear held at the base of the sternum.  With each breath a little more dissolves.  A little more changes.  Now the lower ribs begin to expand with the harmony and rhythm of the breath.

Wrapping the Right Index finger, here is another “4” – the 4th Depth and also the center of the breath of 2nd Depth where the ascending Lung Function Energy completes to become the exhaling of the Large Intestine Function Energy.   Warmth rises from TV 1 – a joyful river running to the sea; vibrant energy, inviting the index finger to join the flood.  Can I embrace the immense power of the wave?  Am I ready to let all that I hold dear be washed away?  All that I hold between thumb and index finger – life itself?

Moving with awareness wrapping the Right Little finger the chest expands.  I have an “Ah Hah” moment:  “The Breath needs no effort – IT IS.”

What is the shape of my little finger?  What does each section of the whole feel like?  I feel the Kidney function energy releasing down the back into and through the 15’s, opening the pelvic area and the lower abdominal area.  The shoulder blades following this movement glide down the back.

Wrapping the Left Index finger, tension releases up from TV 1 along the side of the neck.  The head rolling to one side is almost too weighty for the newly relaxed neck.  The heavy bones of the head lighten; the shoulder blade drops down, balance restored.

Exploring the whole of the finger – base to tip – there is an experience of the left Index finger releasing across to the right shoulder blade and into the Bladder line under the right blade.  Right AND Left – All that Nurtures AND all that Creates….

Holding the Left Little finger – the 5th Depth is opening the chest, creating space – linking to the void, the zero, the oval, the MCV – so the 4th Depth can rest within – fully connected – fully supported.  Through the little finger the area underneath Safety Energy Lock 22 is engaged, clearing away all dirt and dust from the shoulders.  The eyes relax as the Heart function energy flows into the head – a gentle glowing fire, purifying, full of compassion so the light of my heart can shine in my eyes – not the image I wish to be, nor the image I wish others to see, but me – all that I am – stepping out of my own way to let the light I AM now shine.  I experience an all pervading sense of calm, stillness from head to toe, from toe to head.  At last, the base of the sternum relaxes.  Energy flows more freely further down the front.  Simple isn’t it?

Placing the hand on the top of the pubic bone, I feel a struggle – left, right, left, right – pulling first one way then another.  Then I hear the words “Love thy neighbour.” Oh! Of course.  The struggle calms.  The Breath descends to pulse – a steady rhythm followed by small shifts inside the cartilage, as fiber by fiber the rhythm of the pulse eases tension deep, deep within.  The vibration moves through the bone around the pelvis to the sacroiliac joint engaging in a conversation with “2”.  Left and right no longer struggling, now able to listen….

From TV 1, over the head, down the front, all the way to the bone – the pubic bone – the flowing together of fire and water (Left Supervisor, Right Supervisor) – each balancing the other; each accepting the other; as different as night and day – a mysterious co-existence that miraculously is whole.

The hand releases TV 1 and moves to TV 7, and in that moment, the full power of the breath releases into the flowing stream bringing the movement of the diaphragm…the Diaphragm secure in its connection to source – the 6th Depth – MCV…TV 7 supported on each side by the vibration of Safety Energy Lock 9 – “9” the number of our individualized 2nd Depth breath of life.

From TV 7 the left hand transitions to TV 12.  TV 12 held in the vibration of Safety Energy Lock 23 on each side….  Safety Energy Lock 23, the one Safety Energy Lock of the 4th Depth – another bridge connecting me to source and the purpose of my life….

Now there is the vibration that is uniquely “13” radiating, pulsing in every aspect of my Self.  As the bridge of Safety Energy Lock 13 opens, Safety Energy Lock 4 at the base of the skull breathes.  The shoulders drop, the exhale of 13 and the inhale of 4 bring the sensation of the chest fully expanding, content in the knowing of its own power.

And like a puzzle in multiple dimensions the experience remains to be explored, again and again.  There is a quiet knowing that time spent exploring the experience may bring the reward of revealing connections.  The sense of awe as connections expand awareness and understanding – inviting further exploration of the experience….  Getting to KNOW an experience grounded in MYSELF that continues to enrich and support my life….

What an amazing gift receiving a flow can be.  What FUN to sit with the gift and meditate…to meditate with a window open to light and air.